The development

Quintinha ao Sol started development nearly 20 years ago with the purchase of a substantial old Quinta (large farmhouse or mansion) on the hillside above the village of Santa Cruz. It is located on the edge of the smaller village of Lower Gaula, approximately 200 metres above sea level, which gives the spectacular elevated views out to the uninhabited and protected Desertas Islands.

The original intention was to restore the original Quinta, which unfortunately proved impossible structurally. The original building was therefore faithfully replicated as a completely new building, maintaining the spacious dimensions and classical frontage with a run of windows fronting onto a large south-facing terrace with an vine covered pagoda providing shade when required.

The gardens to the original Quinta have been enhanced, and three years ago a large jacuzzi added, allowing visitors to enjoy the beautiful views whilst taking a dip and relaxing in privacy in the mature gardens. Ample car parking is available and a large private garage has a separate workroom. Attached to the end of the building is a further extension currently used as a private office. A first floor balcony allows sunbathing and accommodates a large solar panel which supplies hot water to the property, which has three bathrooms (two en-suite). Downstairs the large lounge feeds directly onto the patio where there is private seating.

Slightly down the slope in the land adjoining the old Quinta a large detached villa was constructed as part of the next stage of the development. This has three bedrooms, three bathrooms and a huge lounge/diner, with a private patio outside with views to the south. This has private gardens including a mature avacodo tree. As part the new villa development a large full-depth swimming pool was constructed, with an underground pump room and generous adjoining storage room.

The final stage of the project was the construction of a slightly smaller third villa – just two bedroom, but again three bathrooms. This is on the higher ground and provides the same spectacular views of the Desertas Islands, this time allowing sight of the “minute” Madeira airport operating below – there is no noise from the planes coming and going, instead they provide a fascinating attraction, operating almost as if a child’s toy set!